Sanders - at White Bear Lake         
from top, L to R: CW,?,?, Tully May, Grace, Lulu, Edith (Gamy), Blanche, ?,?,?, Mary Leonard. Kids: Leigh, ?, Winnie, ?,?,?,?
at Lunch - 1931
Gamy - 1906
Evan, Tully, Dick
Gamy in Oslo - Oct. 1938
?, CW, Leigh, ?, Winnie
CW Sanders
Gamy and kids
Gamy and kids
Winnie, CW, Leigh            
Sandy, Don, Leigh, Winnie at Hamline Lake
Summer, 1906
Betty, Tully, Dick - about 1917
Leigh, Dick, Tully, Evan, Gamy, Winnie, Sandy
Leigh, Dick, Winnie
    Winnie, Evan, Leigh      

Tully & Betty

to r: Evan, Pudge, Leigh, Jack, Tully, Winnie, Sandy, ?, ?, Betty, ?
Evan and Betty at Oxen Yoke Ski Lodge, North Conway, NH - Christmas, 1937
Wendy, Winnie, Betty, Gamy, Dave, Billy Oklahoma - 1951
Winnie & Sandy at Galveston Beach - May, 1941