Books to Read
The Art of Flamenco* by  Donn Pohren
Lives and Legends of Flamenco*           "
A Way of Life (1980)*          "
Adventures in Taste: The Wines and Folk Food of Spain*          "
Paco de Lucia and Family*          "
The Flamenco Guitar (1969)* by  David George
The Flamencos of Cadiz Bay (1965)* by  Gerald Howson
Nights and Days on the Gypsy Trail ‡        
       (Harper & Row, Publishers, N.Y., 1922)
by  Irving Brown
Deep Song ‡           
      (Harper & Row, Publishers, N.Y., 1929)

A Thousand and One Stories of Pericon de Cadiz

      (Inverted-A Press, 2012)

by Jose Luis Ortiz Nuevo

translated & annotated by John Moore

Duende - A Journey into the Heart of Flamenco      (Broadway Books, New York, 2002)
by Jason Webster
Returning to A*          
      (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1995)
by  Dorien Ross
The Wind Cried* by  Paul Hecht
As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning   
 (Penguin Books, Great Britain 1969)
by  Laurie Lee
A Moment of War ‡      
    (The New Press, N.Y., 1991)
Proud Outcasts, The Gypsies of Spain     
  (Carderock Press, Maryland, 1997)
by  Merrill McLane
East From Granada        
    (Carderock Press, Maryland, 1996)
Bury Me Standing       
  (Alfred A Knopf, N.Y., 1995)
by  Isabel Fonseca
*available through The Bold Strummer Ltd., 20 Turkey Hill Circle, P.O. box 2037, Westport,   CT. 06880. E-mail:  Tel. - 203/ 259-3021
‡ can be found at the internet site -
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