Morón de la Frontera
Although Morón was known for its guitarists - Diego del Gastor and his 4 guitarist nephews, Paco, Juanito, Dieguito, Agustín - it was really a singing town. Great singers -Joselero, Ansonini, Juan Talega, Manolito de la Maria, El Perrate, La Fernanda, Fernandillo - either lived there or came by often.
People sang to each other in bars. Teenagers walked the streets clapping and singing bulerias. You were a good guitarist if you could accompany the cante. What is known as the 'Diego style' or 'Morón style' of guitar is an accompaniment style: emphasis on understatement, strong rhythm, strong accents, short falsetas that can fit very well between verses of the cante.
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